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Our Leadership Since our founding in 1991 Prime Construction Group, Inc has been committed to serving our community, our employees, and our customers through Pride of our services, Integrity of our word and Quality of our workmanship.  Prime Construction Group, Inc is an Orlando based General Contractor that has long ties to our Central Florida community and is dedicated to serving our customers, employees and community.   CEO & President – Chase Brackett Chase is an Orlando native who is a proud husband, father of four and leader in our community.  Upon graduation from Edgewater High School, Chase attended University of Florida where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Building Construction from the M.E. Rinker Sr. School of Construction as well as his Minor in Business Administration while at UF.  Upon graduation he returned to Orlando where he has been building within our community for over 20 years.  He holds a State of Florida Certified General Contractors license.   COO & Vice President – Wyatt Hazy Wyatt grew up in eastern North Carolina and received a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering & Construction from North Carolina State University.  Wyatt has 22 years of experience in heavy civil construction throughout the mid-Atlantic and Florida.  He is a dedicated husband, father and leader here at Prime as he oversees our Operations Team and Heavy Equipment Department. Wyatt has a Certified Underground Utility & Excavation contractor’s license.

Our Values

Our desire is to build our company by being honest, trustworthy, kind, respectful and supportive while serving others and maintaining the highest level of integrity.

Our Mission

Our mission is to:
Employ persons that will uphold our values.
Create an environment that will allow employees to enjoy what they do, while providing quality work performed safely that exceeds our customer’s expectations.
Provide our employees with good benefits and the necessary financial resources so they can provide for their families and for their retirement.
Build partnerships with our vendors, subcontractors and customers that promote successful long-term relationships.
Create a culture of continuous training and mentoring so that all employees have the opportunity to develop to their full potential.
Provide an environment that allows employees to be successful at home as well as at work.

Our Vision

To build a construction organization that is an industry leader in service to our customers. This level of service will be accomplished through highly trained and motivated employees sharing company resources unselfishly to do whatever it takes to satisfy our customers. This will ensure our company’s and employees’ success. To this end, we desire that every retiring employee will know their career was spent with an organization that cared and was second to none.

Our Philosophy

The Owners of PRIME believe they are successful because of the core values they have incorporated into the day to day operations of the company.

A strong work ethic, respect, pride of work, honesty and integrity are a way of life at PRIME. By providing high quality, detail oriented workmanship and always being focused on the customer, PRIME has earned a reputation of which to be proud. PRIME is committed to providing its employees with a stable work environment that encourages creativity, innovation and personal growth.

Above all, employees are provided the same concern, respect, and caring attitude within the organization that they share externally with our customers.

Our People make the difference with Pride, Integrity, and Quality

PRIME performs heavy construction for municipal projects in the areas of roads, underground utilities and water/wastewater treatment plants.

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