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Prime Construction Group Inc. actively pursues new Subcontractors and Vendors to team with on current and upcoming projects.

Current projects under bid are available for your review in our Plan Room at our main office.

The documents and information made available on this site are provided solely for the use and convenience of vendors, subcontractors, etc. (“users”) in estimating and bidding on projects for Prime Construction Group Inc. (“Prime”). Unless otherwise expressly noted, Prime claims no copyright therein; however, the documents/information may be subject to the copyrights of other persons. While Prime may exercise its discretion and may otherwise make reasonable efforts to condense/distill the documents/information for download from this site (e.g., to only those project/bidding requirements applicable to users), and/or to update/supplement the documents/information, Prime disclaims any responsibility or liability to users arising therefrom. Prime also disclaims any obligation/responsibility to advise users of changes in the documents/information. Users are therefore strongly cautioned (1) to conduct their own independent investigations of applicable/available project/bidding requirements/documents/information before relying upon the documents/information, and (2) to check back periodically for newly added documents/information (e.g., changes, addenda, pre-bid conference questions/answers, etc.).

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For more information concerning subcontracting pre-qualification and insurance requirements please contact our estimating department at or telephone (407)856-8180.