Vineland Road Drainage Improvements


Project Name: Vineland Road Drainage Improvements

Owner: City of Orlando

Final Contract:  $3,778,390.00

Scope of Work: Construction of a storm drainage system along the Vineland Road & Peregrine Ave., consisting of 3 LF of 12″ RCP, 25 LF of 18″ RCP, 3 LF of 24″ RCP, 60 LF of 54″ RCP, 28 LF of 60 RCP, 1,786 LF of 66″ RCP, 1,426 of 72″ RCP, 15 manholes, 1,170 LF of Curb & Gutter, Type F, 334 LF of Curb, Type A, 880 LF of Curb, Type D, 6,637 SY of 1-1/2 asphalt pavement, 394 SY of 4″ Sidewalk, MOT and 1,660 SY of sod.


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